Get Up Stand Up Project

A musical project I was involved in recently, basically a cover of Bob Marley’s classic ‘Get Up Stand Up’ featuring heaps of NZ artists including King Kapisi, Che Fu, Maisey Rika and Tiki Tane to name a few. Details below: –

A nonpartisan project hoping to ignite those disengaged from politics to stand as one (T?tahi) & VOTE!

ANYONE in NZ can ENROL & VOTE at advance voting booths now.

The voice of our younger generation is lost. 42% of 18-24 year olds didn’t vote in the last election. If this trend continues, then within a few years participation in our democracy will reach catastrophically low levels.

Make our collective voices heard and keep our democracy strong.

Let’s flip the script.

Voting is modern day protest.


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