Sketch of piano solo from ‘From Within’, Calle 54, by Michel Camilo

This is just a sketch of the solo, if anyone wants to download it then convert it to a Finale file then be my guest!  Useful for anyone wanting to play the solo as a reference, thats what I used it for!  Thanks M

From Within (Calle 54) Solo Sketch

3 Responses to “Sketch of piano solo from ‘From Within’, Calle 54, by Michel Camilo”

  • Bill McAuliffe Says:

    I have sitting on my piano, also, sketches of “From within”; The Calle 54 version and the Live at ? version. For some reason I can’t see the transcription here. I would like to tidy up my sketch, and perhaps the joining of the several versions will help all of us that might be interested (?)

  • Mark Baynes Says:

    Hey Bill, thanks for your comment. I have double checked this, perhaps just right click and download to your computer as apposed to opening the PDF in the browser, that works best for me man. It would be good to finish this work, I hope it helps you, thanks Mark

  • Bill McAuliffe Says:

    Hi Mark,. Congrats on your Doctorate. Just for everyone’s benefit, paino Files has the whole head of the tune written out, and is quite accurate as far as the album goes. But the CD version is different, and I have finally got the melody, 21 PP. done, and is 90% accurate. I intend to add the bass, and LH chords. (3-stave manuscript)Alaso, the bass for both versions, I believe is out there. I have them, but they were sent by a friend. How do copyright laws affect our work, and are there ways “around” them? Thanx! Bill McAuliffe

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